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1. Corporate Philosophy
We Sikes are working with the business philosophy which guides us to support customers, keep innovating and maintain high standards of professionalism in our work. We sincerely listen to the customers and work in an impressive way to become their reliable partner and supplier.

2. Our Mission & Goals
Focusing On Electronic Solutions And Power Systems

By employing our expertise in power electronics and electromagnetic field, we are providing our manufacturers and users an impressive series of electrical and electronic equipment. The company has made and well implemented planned approaches for preventing, detecting and resolving. We have smart tools, processes and effective integrity program that give our employees an open platform for asking questions, identifying risks and talking about their concerns.

3. Our Value
Struggling To Be Best In-Class

Sikes aims to become The Best firm in the market for providing advanced solutions for Power Magnetics, Power Quality and Electromagnetic Compatibility.

Giving focus on innovation, we are getting popularity in the market for our hi-tech solutions for EMC Power Filter,EMI  Power Filters, power conditioning power electronics and superior power quality.

We are a company which has earned its identity across the world, our firm has balanced global sales between East Asia, America and APAC. The firm has also maintained its presence in the markets of Southeast Asia.

To become the best, we are focusing on having happy and talented workers, we fill most of the leadership and key positions of the company from within the existing employees. Sikes is called as an attractive employer due to its several programmes that are in favor of employees.

4. Our Belief-Our Three Principle
Operational Efficiency And Energy Management

To solve the complicated problems and make unique identity in the market, we, Sikes, have devoted ourselves towards bringing Innovation. Our well understanding of the exact requirements of clients combined with our R&D practices have helped us in providing reliable solutions for both energy and operational efficiency.

As a professional company of electrical products we market, we understand the value of leading technology and strive to merge the same in our range. It's been years that innovation, expertise and experience have become DNA of us. Every year, our company spends approximately 5 to 10 per cent of its annual sales into R&D tasks to develop modern & reasonable facilities, machines and automated systems.

Knowing the values of perfection, we are concentrated on having it in everything we do. Right from maintaining impressive supply chain to smooth sale processes, quality of products, etc., all the activities of our company are done with perfection and 100%  concentration to delight clients.